Coaching with Yanick

Empowering Women become the women they are destined to be

Are you a woman who is at a crossroads in her life, relationship? 

Is making a career change something you are contemplating and don’t know where to start?  

Or do you have stubborn weight that you just can’t seem able to shed? 

Let me guide and assist you in making the changes you desire.

STOP floundering through life!

Pause. Reflect. Do the work. And FLY!

Perhaps you:

● Feel the heaviness of hang-ups from your past
● Are you in over your head with obligations in the present
● Often get anxious and overwhelmed about the future

Yet, you remain hopeful about what’s possible for you…



Our lives are a result of an ever-present opportunity to make a choice. Sometimes those
choices are seemingly small, like what to eat for lunch, or what shoes to buy. Other
times those choices are BIG – going back to school, taking that job, moving to a new
place, starting or ending that relationship, finally dropping that excess weight, and
feeling comfortable in our bodies…


We’re constantly being brought to a crossroads, and who among us HASN’T had that moment of worry, fear, and doubt about making “the right choice”?

You weren’t meant to stand at these points of power nor walk your path alone, and Chrysalis Women Empowerment promises that you will never have to again!

About Me

Yanick Séïde

  • Certified Master Coach Practitioner
  • Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Coach
  • Masters of Adult Education
  • Human Resources Management

Hello, My name is Yanick Séïde and I’m a Certified Master Coach honoring a stirring in my
soul to guide, assist, and support women in their journey of wellness and personal

My own journey took me through the gauntlet.

At one point I was coping with an autoimmune disease that was slowly draining the life
out of me, downsizing in the company I had been dedicating my efforts to for years,

surviving an abusive relationship, and raising three children on my own after I managed
to escape it.


“How did you get through all of THAT?”
By making a CHOICE.


I choose ME

Not just any old “me”, but the BEST VERSION of myself.
The happiest, healthiest, most authentic Yanick I could dream of. The woman I am
today is a result of falling in love with life again and consistently making choices in
alignment with MY FAVORITE VERSION of who I can be!

It took years of commitment and several paradigm shifts, but I eventually got to a point
where I reached “the other side” of all of that pain and darkness, and that’s when I heard


The call to live out my passions, share my story, and use my gifts to help other
women overcome their heartaches, hardships, and hang-ups.

Chrysalis Women Empowerment
provides you with a safe space and supportive
community to cocoon you while you get raw and vulnerable, work through what’s been
holding you hostage, and cheer you on as you break free, flutter your wings, and fly into
the life you’ve always known you could have!

Our Pillars


A platform for all types of women in all communities. A judgment-free zone where we can connect, share, and empower and grow.

Health & Wellness

Ketogenic health approach to a healthy and sustainable mental and physical balance.


Bring clarity, comfort, and realness into your environment to accept and celebrate life in all levels.

Embrace Encourage Equip Empower

My vision is to empower women to become the best version of themselves.

Our mission is to help women facing crossroads in their lives, relationships, career or dealing with the challenge of weight gain , to overcome their obstacles and reach their goals.



Coaching is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment from medical professionals. We strongly recommend the client to consult with medical professionals for treatment and any matters relating to their health.

Coaching is offered without warranties or guarantees of any kind, expressed or implied, and the Chrysalis Women Empowerment disclaims any liability, loss or damaged caused by information provided, directly or consequently. Products, services and methods discussed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure of prevent any disease.

Life Coaching

Guidance and Confidence

Life is full of unexpected circumstances. How we react to them is within our control. My coaching sessions will enable you to discover how you can overcome the challenges that life presents you and equip you to make sound choices. You can do it!

Career Coaching

Finding your new career path

As we gain experience and grow, we can reach a point where the work we are doing no longer is what we aspire to, but we are unsure what is our new career path. Get in touch today to start to learn what are your passions; competencies and transferrable skills you have to enable you to set your new career path

Ketogenic (Keto) Nutrition

Weight loss and improved health

Many women struggle with weight gain at one point in their life be it after child bearing, menopause, or due to medical condition. The ketogenic diet has been very helpful in weight loss and has other benefits. Let me guide you into the keto lifestyle.

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